In September 2020, schools must begin delivery of statutory Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education.

This event, taking place eight months before delivery begins, will help schools to make their final preparations ahead of this important change to the statutory curriculum.


We will hear from RSE, PSHE and wellbeing experts, including schools, about what is expected and required under the statutory guidance, how we can deliver both the letter and the spirit of the curriculum, and general practical tips, resources and ideas.

In addition, the event will touch upon themes of mental health and wellbeing, safeguarding, parental engagement, sensitive topics such as consent, pornography and other RSE issues, RSE & SEN education, age-appropriate teaching and LGBT+.

Good RSE and PSHE also helps schools to meet their safeguarding obligations and Ofsted is clear that schools must have a clear preventative programme that enables pupils to learn about safety and risks in relationships and modern life.

This conference will help schools to ensure they are ready to hit the ground running with their RSE and Health Education curriculum in September 2020.


The keynote sessions include:

  • A keynote session from Lucy Emmerson where she will will highlight the priorities and practical steps that should be taken in the run up to September 2020 to ensure your RSE meets statutory requirements. The session will signpost essential resources to help you construct your school’s offer touching on pupil and parental engagement, curriculum planning and staff CPD.

  • keynote session led by Dr Pooky Knightsmith who will consider the statutory requirements of the Health Education elements, offering schools a “how-to” approach to ensure they are ready to implement the new curriculum from September. The session will include young people’s voices, looking at what young people want and need from health education as well as some practical ideas for your PSHE & Health Education lessons and activities

The workshops include:

  • How primary schools can work with parents when developing their relationships education and PSHE curriculum, especially in light of recent protests over issues of LGBT education

  • A case study from Manor High School which will look at what they have changed in their RSE and PSHE curriculum and why, and how they are preparing themselves to be ready for the move to statutory RSE & Health Education

  • Strategies to help schools engage with vulnerable students and those at risk of disengagement, including pastoral structures & student support, emotional literacy, trauma-informed practice, working with parents and other services, and pastoral CPD for staff. This workshop will also offer a range of smaller ideas that can have a big impact for your students.

  • Ideas and advice for delivering key aspects of the primary Health Education curriculum such as recognising emotions, mental wellbeing and coping skills

  • Consideration of a number of whole-school initiatives, including the student wellbeing mentors, participation in Public Health England’s Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health, and the whole school structures in place to support vulnerable learners

  • Practical advice to help schools ensure their RSE and Health Education is accessible for all pupils and takes full account of their SEND students

  • A case study troubleshooting challenges faced by primary schools when it comes to delivering the new RSE and Health Education curriculum including sex education, LGBT issues and parental education

  • A discussion of the best practice for delivering age-appropriate LGBT+ content at both primary and secondary level, to include parental and carer engagement over the curriculum, what the law states, and to offer some practical ideas for lessons and programmes of study




This event is designed for those working within the primary or secondary education sectors and is relevant to:

  • Headteachers
  • Deputy headteachers
  • Senior leadership team members
  • Heads of year
  • Pastoral heads
  • SEN professionals
  • School nurses
  • School counsellors
  • Education advisors
  • Governors


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